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The 20th century was a turning point in the history of Earth. The population explosion following World War II caused an increase in the crime wave. To counterbalance this, many humans took up vigilantism or used scientific advancements to fight crime. By the end of the century, mankind had begun working on splicing the genome, gaining advances in nanotechnology, and had sent small ships out to Alpha Centauri. Earth had just begun contact with the galactic community.


  • Cyrus Gold is killed and his body is dumped into a mystical swamp. He begins the process of transforming into Solomon Grundy. (JL: The Terror Beyond)



  • World War II begins on Earth. Soon after, Vandal Savage receives information from his future self that he uses to take over Europe. (JL: The Savage Time)



Late 1940s

  • Aresia is brought to Themyscira by a sea captain after a battle and a shipwreck. (JL: Fury)
  • Solomon Grundy rises from the dead, and becomes an urban legend among the populace. (JL: The Terror Beyond)


Early 1960s

  • The last Justice Guild comic book is released parallel to the deaths of the Justice Guild in a parallel universe. (JL: Legends).
  • Jax-Ur and Mala are imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for instigating an uprising on the planet Krypton.

Mid 1960s

Late 1960s

  • Thomas and Martha Wayne are gunned down in Crime Alley by an unknown gangster. This event is witnessed by young Bruce Wayne, who is taken in by former British Intelligence officer Alfred Pennyworth and family friend Doctor Leslie Thompkins. Bruce Wayne is eight years old. (BTAS:Appointment in Crime Alley)


Early 1970s

Mid 1970s

Late 1970s

  • Bruce Wayne travels abroad to learn to be a crime-fighter. He begins by studying to be a detective, and he also studies science under Nobel laureates. (BTAS: Night of the Ninja)


Early 1980s

  • Bruce Wayne spends a month under magician Zatara's tutelage. While there, he learns escape artistry, and he develops an attraction to Zatara's daughter Zatanna. He goes by the name John Smith. (BTAS: Zatanna)
  • Clark Kent meets the Legion of Super-Heroes when they attempt to ward off a future version of Brainiac. He ends up having his memories erased. (TNSA: New Kids in Town)
  • Clark Kent is told of his Kryptonian heritage by his parents. (STAS: The Last Son of Krypton)
  • Bruce Wayne trains under Yoru-Sensei. He meets Kyodai Ken, who is able to best him in hand-to-hand combat. (BTAS: Night of the Ninja)

Mid 1980s


  • After many years abroad, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City. While attending college, he meets and gets engaged to Andrea Beaumont, daughter of Carl Beaumont. When Carl's mobster connections force them to move, Andrea breaks her engagement to Bruce. Around the same time, Bruce, still haunted by his parents' deaths, begins crime-fighting. At first, he attempts to do it dressed in common clothes, but then realizes that he must strike fear into the heart of his enemies and dons cape and cowl to become Batman. (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)
  • Batman's first Batmobile breaks down and he hires Earl Cooper, a former auto executive, to build him a brand new Batmobile.
  • Dick Grayson is placed into Bruce Wayne's custody after his parents are killed by Tony Zucco. (BTAS: Robin's Reckoning)


Late 1980s



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