Al's Diner

The exterior view of Al's Diner.

"If it don't stay down, you only pay half."
— Al's Guarantee

Al's Diner was a scuzzy, cockroach infested truck stop in Dooley-7. According to Lobo, the smell emanating from the establishment was so foul, it could be smelt on an adjacent planet, Dooley-8. Regarding employees, although one of the waitresses, Darlene, was beautiful she was also known for her gift to gab. Regarding its customers, Lobo has been the most notorious, particularly since he has reduced the diner to rubble more than one hundred times.

Background information

Al's Diner was introduced in Alan Grant's Lobo (Volume 2) #1, looking radically different from its portrayal in Lobo: Webseries. Al and his waitress Darlene had just opened a nice and clean diner, and their first customer tore it up.


Lobo: Webseries

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