Phillipus and Antiope.

"Lady, this is no job for amateurs."
"We Amazons are warriors born! Want to test me?
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman[1]

The Amazons were a misandrist group of warrior women that dwelt on Themyscira.


The Amazons were led by their queen, Hippolyta. However, for her part in allowing the Titans to invade Mount Olympus, Hippolyta was charged with guarding the gate to Tartarus.

Themyscira was relocated above the gate on a remote island. Living in relative isolation, the Amazons were immortalized by their gods and lived in peace. They refused to interfere in events that took place in "Men's World".

Powers and abilities

The Amazons are immortal[2] and are skilled warriors, having developed their abilities over thousands of years. Some (Diana, Aresia) have demonstrated superhuman strength and durability; as neither of them were members of the original population of Amazons, it is not known if these abilities are common to all Amazons, but some are shown to have near-superhuman strength.

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