Species: Amazon
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Base: Themyscira
Affiliations: Hippolyta
Voiced by: Maggie Wheeler

Antiope was a high ranking Amazon officer.


When Felix Faust invaded Themyscira, Antiope was, like all other Amazons, turned into a stone statue.

Later, she caught Hawkgirl snooping around on the island, and brought her before Hippolyta.

Background information

In DC Comics, Antiope was the younger sister of Hippolyta. In the Silver Age, she was often opinionated against her sister, but never rebelled against her until the very end. She eventually sacrificed herself to save Hippolyta during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After the Crisis, she led her people away from Themyscira, only to be murdered by Theseus' wife Ariadne. Her people became a second tribe of Amazons in the Egyptian city of Bana-Mighdall.


Justice League

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