Batman rogue
Armand Lydecker
AKA: The Vulture
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Unnamed father
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Terrible Trio
Rogue of: Batman
Voiced by: David Jolliffe

Armand "Army" Lydecker was The Vulture, one of the Terrible Trio.


Armand Lydecker, young heir to a company owned by an aerospace mogul, joined his companions Warren Lawford and Gunther Hardwicke in the Terrible Trio group of millionaires turning to crime for the simple joy and thrill of it all. The three men then became respectively known as Vulture, Fox and Shark.

Vulture, however, was gradually reluctant in some of their criminal acts, especially in an attack on their associate Sheldon Fallbrook. Out of all the members, he showed the most concern while on the crime spree, albeit moreso out of fear of getting busted, as Batman was on their tails, then he did in brutalization and deprivation of property of their victims. He did however, seem reluctant to attack Mr. Fallbrook as it was someone he knew, not a stranger, and father to Lawford's girlfriend, but his protests were rather mild and he did nothing to withdraw himself from that robbery.

When Fox decided to eliminate Rebecca Fallbrook who had figured their identities, Vulture participated in spite of himself, but the attempt was foiled by Batman. While Shark engaged Batman, Vulture tried to flee, but was ultimately captured. Although only one of the Terrible Trio is shown imprisoned, it is strongly suggested that Lydecker was convicted of his crimes and sent to jail alongside his compatriots Hardwicke and Lawford.


  • Lydecker's persona of being a "predator of the air" was an inaccurate one. In actuality, vultures are scavengers, not predators. Unlike a predator, which will kill for food, the vulture seeks its meals from the carcasses of dead animals, and they are often spotted at low altitudes circling around terrain until they are sure of finding food. Hawks and eagles are avian predators, and as such would have been a more appropriate image for the Terrible Trio.


Batman: The Animated Series

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