Batman Beyond
Animation by Darwyn Cooke
Air date(s) April 23, 2014
Running time 1 minute 18 seconds

A special Batman Beyond short was created for the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman. It aired on April 23, 2014 as part of the Cartoon Network's DC Nation block.


In the Batcave, Batman finds Bruce Wayne on the ground next to the Batcomputer, which has been destroyed. Bruce explains that the person who did it is he himself. As the power in the Batcave fails the backup generator kicks in and turns on several red lights revealing a Bruce Wayne robot in Bruce's old costume. The Batman android proves to be much more powerful then Terry. Bruce has no qualms with destroying it because it isn't human. Terry stuns the android with an electrified shock, causing it to fall behind the Batmobile. Bruce voice-activates the thrusters, incinerating the android. However, more Batman androids appear in the cave and Terry and Bruce prepare to fight them together.


Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Bruce Wayne
Will Friedle Batman

Background information

  • The Batman androids that appear in the episodes are previous versions of Batman that appeared in comics, film, and television, in order of appearance
  • Batman from The New Batman Adventures

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