Ben Mardon
Species: Human
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Mark Mardon (brother)
Voiced by: Lorin Dreyfuss

Ben Mardon was the brother of Mark Mardon, the Weather Wizard, and the inventor of his equipment.


Ben Mardon created a machine that could control the weather to help people. But, because he used money from his brother, extortionist Mark, Mark got to use it first—and not for the same altruistic motives as his little brother.

Unfortunately, no device Ben could think of could generate enough ionic energy. Mark installed special armbands on Flash and Superman; during their charity race they generated enough ionic energy to make it work. Ben made a test run by generating snow around his house; his brother derided him for that, saying they weren't going public with it yet.

Ben watched as his brother made his first appearance as Weather Wizard; but when he wanted to summon a deadly storm upon them, Ben stopped his brother—temporarily. Mark simply told him to grow up. Ben continued to argue with his brother—he wanted no part in potential mass murder of the people of Metropolis. Mark let Ben leave, but as he drove off, he summoned a blizzard on him. Ben lost control and crashed into a quarry, but was saved from certain death by Superman and Flash. Precisely at that moment, Mark had begun his attack on Metropolis. He sent the two heroes to stop his brother.

Background information

In DC Comics, Weather Wizard's brother and inventor of the Weather Wand was named Clyde, not Ben. Clyde was accidentally killed when Mark tried out the wand.


Superman: The Animated Series

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