Species: Human
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Black
Voiced by: Peter Onorati

Blake was an associate of Dr. Myrell.


Blake was a ruthless thief sent to steal one of Myrell's inventions, a synaptic amplifier back-pack that improved muscle strength. He succeeded, after a short fight with Zeta he escaped.

Zeta and Ro broke into his hide-out the next day, but Blake surprised them. He still wore the synaptic amplifier, and after finding out Zeta wasn't quite human, he made a run for it. Zeta chased him over the city's rooftops, but he got away again.

Blake listened in on Zeta's conversation with Myrell. Myrell told him the government was onto them now, which meant Blake had to destroy Zeta. But in the battle, the synaptic amplifier overloaded, rendering Blake unconscious.


The Zeta Project

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