Bobby Vance
Bobby Vance
Species: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Vance (father)
Robert Vance (grandfather)
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Vance
Voiced by: Rider Strong

Bobby Vance was the grandson of Robert Vance and inheritor of the Vance dynasty.


When his father died from a heart attack, Bobby took over the company's administration. However, he was unsure of his competence to lead, so he turned to his grandfather's program for some guidance. Vance took advantage of Bobby's lack of experience and naïveté to get him online. After Vance had found a way to transfer his conscience into a living organic body, he chose Bobby to be the unwilling recipient. However, Bobby was promptly saved by Batman, and Vance's program subsequently deleted. After this incident, Bobby decided to sell his computer company to a group of experienced outside investors.


Batman Beyond

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