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Production Number: 09
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"Breakout!" is the ninth episode of Lobo: Webseries.


Lobo gets Slaz to leave Oblivion with Major Snake. Guards attempt to stop them, but Lobo uses a laser gun, setting it to "Totally Fraggin Annihilate", and blows them up. Meanwhile, Snake hurls on Slaz and Lobo due to that his medication makes him bloat and vomit often. When they get on Lobo's bike, Lobo notices they crossed the weight limit. Without second though, he kills Snake, and they escape.

When Slaz and his brother Sniff are reunited, they accidentally slice each other to bits with their razor sharp bodies. Lobo is upset about not getting his Cuban cigars, but takes the one in that Sniff was smoking.

Interactive Segment

  • During the escape, the viewer is offered to make Major Snake throw up. The first attempt leaves a small puddle at his feet, the second attempt covers Slaz head to toe, and the third attempt hits Lobo, who also gets a syringe in the eye.

Background information

Production notes

  • The minigame in this webisode involved Lobo killing several of the MBA.


Previously produced episode:
"Bustin' Out of Oblivion, Part III"
Episodes of
''Lobo: Webseries''
Next produced episode:
"Lobo for President"
Previously aired episode:
"Bustin' Out of Oblivion, Part III"
Next aired episode:
"Lobo for President"

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