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Real name: Harold
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Rogue of: Batman
Weaponry: Metal whips
Voiced by: Jason Nash

Bullwhip, real name Harold, was a supervillain able to extract metal whips from his wrists.


Bullwhip got these powers by enlisting the aid of Dr. Corso whom he met when getting a wrist replacement. He suggested to the doctor that he could get rich by using his prosthetics to make people faster and stronger. The doctor refused, saying he had all he wanted. So he and his gang kidnapped Dr. Corso's wife April and blackmailed him into making upgrades to his wrists. However, Batman got involved and the gang overpowered him the first time. After stalking them to their hideout, Batman and Dr. Corso found out that April wasn't kidnapped, but there willingly and was having an affair with Bullwhip. Dr. Corso panicked and fled. After Batman disabled all his teammates, Bullwhip returned to Dr. Corso asking him to upgrade his wrists again and "don't hold back". Dr. Corso took his drill out and Bullwhip's words literally and proceeded to work on his wrists. Bullwhip's ultimate fate is unknown but Bruce implied that Dr. Corso most likely murdered or maimed him.


Batman Beyond

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