Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Unnamed wife
Unnamed child
Affiliations: US Army
Voiced by: Ted McGinley

Burns was a U.S. military soldier who fell under the spell of the Heart of Darkness.


With his platoon, Burns was chasing after warlord Fassan. They tracked his vehicle to a cave, but found no trace of him. Burns scouted ahead of the others, and found a strange purple gem: the Heart of Darkness. As he reached for it, a strange man attacked them, and overcame most of Burns' team. Burns knocked him out with the butt of his rifle.

While the rest of the team looked after their sergeant, who had been wounded, Burns grabbed the Heart of Darkness. He became ensorcelled by its Ophidian powers, and immediately turned on his fellow soldiers. He opened fire and trapped them inside the cave with a grenade, while he escaped.

He was picked up by a Humvee on patrol, and pressed the driver for information on modern weaponry. The driver was surprised at Burns' desire to know those things, and somewhat reluctantly answered. The Ophidians possessing Burns were quite pleased with the thought that a nuclear weapon could kill tens of thousands of "mammals", and made his way to a military base just outside Central City, where several were stored. He broke through the gate, but was stopped before he could reach the nukes.

General McCormick questioned him, but he could remember little, and was shocked to be told that his squad had been taken out by friendly fire. The Heart of Darkness had abandoned him, and chosen a new subject: the general.


Justice League

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