Burton Earny
Burton Earny
Real name: Burton Earny
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Voiced by: Uncredited

Burton Earny was a photojournalist in Gotham City. After taking a picture that exonerated Batman, he was paid handsomely and celebrated by taking a cruise, where he met a lonely Andrea Beaumont.


Aboard a cruise ship which departed from Gotham City, Burton Earny saw a lonely woman aboard the cruise after leaving a party at the ballroom. Decided to flirth with her, Earny took off his blue plastic crown and adjusted his hair before talking to the woman. After asking her if the landscape seemed beautiful, she answered yes. Noticing his somewhat sad tone, Earny asked the woman if she felt lonely, to which she replied that in fact, she was alone.[1]

Background information

Burton Earny's subplot was cut from the film, and he only appears briefly at the end. His story remains in the novelization, however.

Interestingly enough, while Burton Earny's voice actor has been credited in foreign dub versions of the film, like in the Latin Spanish dub, his original voice actor wasn't credited in the credits of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.


Feature film


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