Cameron Kaiser
Real name: Cameron Kaiser
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Base: Gotham City
Voiced by: Harry Hamlin

Cameron Kaiser was a successful Gotham real estate tycoon, before he was bankrupted.


Kaiser was working on a real estate project, a casino called Camelot, when he realized he was on the brink of bankruptcy. The poor financial state of his business caused parts of the casino to be unfinished. In an effort to provoke the Joker into destroying the casino for insurance money he hastily changed the theme and name to that of the Joker, calling it Joker's Wild. As a result, the Joker saw a news story about the opening of the casino. Consequently, the Joker went on a rampage at the casino with the intent to blow it up, just as Kaiser planned. Batman, who was at the casino (although unmasked as Bruce Wayne) found the Joker, who was able to get away. Batman snooped around Kaiser's office and through finding a model of Camelot as well as bills and pay stubs, was able to further deduce the matter. After being captured by the Joker, Batman revealed Kaiser's plan to the Joker. Upon hearing this, Joker (who started to take a liking to the clown theme) opted to take over the casino instead of bombing it, and hijacked the helicopter in which Kaiser made his getaway. After the attempt on his life by the Joker was averted, Kaiser was arrested by the Gotham Police Department for insurance fraud, and putting his employees and guests in danger of being killed by the Joker.


Batman: The Animated Series

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