Real name: Troy
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Rogue of: Static
Voiced by: Bumper Robinson

Troy was once the best friend of Dulé Jones. After the Big Bang, he became Chainlink.


Troy and Dulé were both present at the Big Bang. But while the gas changed Troy so much that he could not conceal his metal arms, Dulé's transformation, though similar, proved easier to hide from others.

It vexed Troy that Dulé could lead a "normal" life, and become a huge talent at football. He decided to blackmail his old friend, threatening to reveal his secret.

Tired of the pressure, Dulé decided to come forward himself at Dakota's football stadium. At that moment, Chainlink attacked him, and Dulé revealed his own metal arms. It took some assistance from Static, Gear, Rashid Randall and the other football players, but Chainlink was eventually subdued.


Static Shock

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