Charles Baxter
Species: Human
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Wacko Toy Corporation
Voiced by: Peter Mark Richman

Charles Baxter was the president of the Wacko Toy Corporation.


After Edward Nygma was released from Arkham, Baxter contacted him for a business deal, despite his well-known criminal activities. He licensed the Riddler-persona with an eye to produce a line of intricate puzzle toys. When Batman and Robin confronted the Riddler on what they believed to be another one of his heists, Baxter impatiently intervened and vouched for him. Batman tried to warn Baxter about the Riddler, but he dismissed it and threatened legal action if they harass his new employee again.

At first, Baxter's partnership with the Riddler paid off. Sales went up 20 percent nationwide, and it seemed as though he had turned the Riddler into a very respectable member in society. However, the Riddler could not stay on the right path, and quickly fell into thievery again. His incarceration back into Arkham marked the end of the deal with Baxter.


Batman: The Animated Series

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