Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: US Army
Voiced by: Lauren Tom

Chung was a US Army private.


Chung joined the army to make the world a safer place. She was set to do so: the unit she was in was on a mission to arrest the warlord Fassan. They tracked him to a cave, where Chung noticed several warning signs. Once inside, she found many skulls of people who had gone in before them. Just as her teammate Burns was about to grab a strange purple gem, they were attacked and almost beaten by a man. The man had his sword at Chung's neck, ready to kill her, when he was knocked out by a teammate. After the ordeal, Chung tended to her wounded sergeant. Burns walked by, seemingly in trance, humming silently, and she asked him what was going on. Burns, under the spell of the gem, pulled his gun on his teammates, and with a grenade he trapped them in the cave. Out of oxygen, Chung slowly passed out. As she lay motionless, Mophir berated the soldiers for coming, worried of the impending doom.


Justice League

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