Colonel Vox
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Kaznia
Affiliations: Vandal Savage
Rogue of: Justice League
Weaponry: Voice box
Voiced by: Larry Drake

"Don't interrupt me when I'm speaking. I'd hate to have to raise my voice."[1]

Colonel Vox was a Kaznian double-agent working for Vandal Savage during his attempt to overthrow the King of Kaznia.


Vox was powerful enough to subdue Wonder Woman in an aerial battle. On a rematch, Wonder Woman managed to defeat Vox by protecting her ears with Audrey's diamond earrings. Colonel Vox was inside the Kaznian Royal Palace when it was destroyed, and it is unlikely that he survived.

Equipment and abilities

Vox spoke through a voice box that also enabled him to project sonic-screams, capable of shattering objects, and stun (and eventually kill) sensory beings.

Background information

Colonel Vox is loosely based on Vox, the Bionic Bandit, who made his first (and only) appearance in Metal Men Vol. 1 #51 (April–May 1977). After suffering a severe accident, leaving him with a mangled throat, the man later known as Vox was implanted with an apparatus that restored his ability to speak. That device also enabled him to project a deadly sonic scream. Vox attempted to build a robot army and led an assault on Colonel Craven's base. However, he was taken down by the Metal Men.


Justice League


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