Connie Stromwell
Species: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Arnold Stromwell (ex-husband)
Joey Stromwell (son)
Michael Stromwell (brother-in-law)
Tony Zucco (nephew)
Voiced by: Katherine Helmond

Connie Stromwell was Arnold Stromwell's estranged wife.


Little is known about Connie's early life, but it is assumed that she was very much unlike the "mob wife" stereotype of either the kindly, pious woman who turns a blind eye to her husband's misdeeds out of love and forgiveness, or the gaudily-dressed, bejeweled, publicity-hungry woman who flouts her husband's status in social circles. Connie despised the fact her husband made a fast buck off illegal drugs, as well as the multitude of his other activities. This eventually led her to divorce Arnold. Sadly, it was too late for her son, Joey. Batman alerted her to his situation, and he was taken to the Sunrise Foundation to kick his addiction. When Arnold saw Joey going through a painful withdrawal, he also had a tense reunion with Connie. She angrily lashed out at him that he was responsible for Joey's state as the drugs he was taking were made by Arnold's syndicate. This also served as a reality check for Arnold that his misdeeds affected his family, and got him to thinking how many other people were affected in a manner similar to Joey's.


Batman: The Animated Series

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