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Featured articles should have the following properties:

  • not a stub
  • not a disambig
  • have a minimum of red links

Condensed Article

The condensed article should:

  • be concise
  • be 8-10 lines long
  • contain a 150px wide image that is both representative of and present in the main article


  • A condensed version of a featured article is created at:

[[DC Animated Universe:Today's featured article/CURRENTMONTHNAME CURRENTYEAR]]

  • The following code on the main page will call the appropriate condensed article:

{{DC Animated Universe:Today's featured article/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}}}

No Voted Article

If an article is not nominated or successfully voted for a particular month's Featured Article by the 28th day of the month (26th in the case of February), then it is an Administrator's responsibility to re-run a previously used Featured Article. The choice of the article to be re-run is at the Administrator's discretion.

This is done by creating the new month's condensed article, using the naming above. The content of the new article should be


For example, to rerun the Captain Marvel feature in March 2007, the article DC Animated Universe:Today's featured article/March 2007 would be created with the following content:

#REDIRECT [[DC Animated Universe:Today's featured article/February 2007]]


Please use this section to nominate an article for featured status. Discussion on nominations will take place on the discussion page.

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