Dan Riley
Species: Human
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Unnamed wife
Unnamed son
Voiced by: Dorian Harewood

Dan Riley was one of Boss Biggis' slaves.


Dan Riley was a man who was content with his life. He was happily married, and his marriage produced a son who was at least four years of age. Dan worked as a steam fitter at the Gotham Navy Yard, and two nights a week he volunteered at the Dock Street Rescue Mission, arguably out of a moral sense to aid those less fortunate than him. His generosity was not rewarded, as one night when leaving the rescue mission to go home he was abducted by two goons, who transported him to a slave labor camp in a remote part of the country. His disappearance became a concern for the priest who owned the Dock Street Rescue Mission, but the priest also regretted that Riley's vanishing was an issue of low rank with the police.

At the camp, he became good friends with Salvo Smith, and later also Gaff Morgan. When Salvo's cynicism got him a penalty in solitary, Dan and Gaff protected him from the guards, ending up in the hole themselves. The confinement of the box and intense heat of the desert proved too much for Riley. However, when he expressed despair that he would never see his family again, ironically that mentally aided the amnesiac Gaff into remembering his own parents and who he was: Batman. Now of sound mind, he said for Riley to be of strong faith while he escaped and planned to stop Biggis.

After Batman shut down Biggis' operation, Riley was reunited with his family and the priest at the Dock Street Rescue Mission. Salvo moved in with Riley's family until he got better established financially to find a place of his own.

Batman: The Animated Series

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