Daniel Turpin
Turpin (Brave New Metropolis)
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Metropolis
Affiliations: Lex Luthor
Voiced by: Joseph Bologna

In an alternate universe, Dan Turpin was a member of the Metropolis Police Department, same as the regular universe. However, in this universe, martial law is in effect, and civilians must be in their homes by a certain hour unless they have reason to be outdoors at night, in which case they are granted curfew passes for that purpose.


Lois Lane was sent to an alternate dimension, she arrived just before the curfew started. Still out after ten o'clock, Turpin asked for her curfew pass. Lois said she did not have such a pass, then tried to run, but was stopped by Turpin. However, Lois was not arrested as Turpin suddenly had a more serious matter to attend to. A violent robbery at a LexCorp facility distracted Turpin, and Lois hid behind a wall. Turpin went in to try and stop the resistance, but found himself outgunned. He called for backup, which arrived. Superman took care of the revolutionaries, and only one managed to escape, taking Lois with him.


Superman: The Animated Series