Dean Arbagast
Species: Human
Hair: Black (balding)
Eyes: Black
Voiced by: Dean Jones

Dean Arbagast was a stockbroker.


Arbagast was the broker of Gregory Belson, and helped him invest in a new drug making its way into the market. Unfortunately, side effects were discovered, and the FDA put development on hold. Belson had come up 2.5 million dollars short, and Arbagast's accountants were pestering him to get the money. Belson pleaded with Arbagast to stall and give him more time, but he said nothing could be done telling him it's his own fault he's in this mess talking him "If you can't pay the stakes don't roll the dice." Batman and Robin later looked up Arbagast in an investigation into Belson. They tell him their looking for him and explains How Belson in the red. At that moment, Belson called him, and Robin recorded their conversation. Arbagast was told he needed to prevent foreclosure for one more week, and he'd have the money by then.


Feature film