Detective Marcus
Real name: Marcus
Species: Human
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Police Department
Voiced by: Jeffrey Jones

"The good cop/bad cop routine usually works better with two different cops."

Detective Marcus was a police detective.


Marcus was assigned to the theft of a synaptic amplifier that had been stolen from the Myrell Youth Disability Center. After questioning a guard, Marcus arrested a suspect: Kevin, the kid for whom the backpack was designed.

Marcus grilled Kevin. He was convinced of the boy's guilt: he had motive, opportunity and no alibi. During the interrogation, he was called away. Zeta and Ro used the opportunity to sneak into the interrogation room. Kevin was surprised by this new Marcus' completely different approach. Zeta found out who the real thief was, but the impending return of the real Marcus forced him to reveal his true self to Kevin. After that, Zeta and Ro snuck out the window. When Marcus returned, he was surprised at Kevin's change in mood.

After Zeta and Ro captured both Blake and his partner in crime, Dr. Myrell, Marcus became more friendly. He accepted Kevin's white lie, and wished him good luck.


The Zeta Project

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