Donald Todd
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Tina Todd (daughter)
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: GenomaTech
Voiced by: Ed Begley, Jr.

Doctor Donald Todd was a Dakota scientist.


The governor of Dakota's state commissioned GenomaTech to find a "cure" for the effects of the Bang Baby gas. GenomaTech's lead scientist, Donald Todd, was assigned to the project. His team worked with original Bang Baby gas, but lacked test subjects.

After Static captured Aquamaria, he convinced her into taking the treatment. Unbeknownst to her or the science team, Hotstreak sabotaged the process. making Aquamaria’s body unstable. Aquamaria swore revenge against Todd and his team, and together with Hotstreak she set up a new lab in the old tram terminal. She kidnapped Dr. Todd as he was attending his daughter Tina’s swimming contest.

When Aquamaria learned that Hotstreak was behind her unstable condition, she vowed to kill him along with Todd and his team, but Static and Gear managed to stop her. With Hotstreak put away, Dr. Todd managed to negate the effects of the Big Bang on Aquamaria.

Some time later, when a lot of the Bang babies suddenly lost their powers, Static and Gear brought the suddenly cured Kangor to Dr. Todd’s lab. Soon after, the lab was raided by Hotstreak and Ebon, as they were looking for Bang Baby gas in order to continue their life of crime.

The cure eventually found its way into all of Dakota’s criminal Bang Babies — though Todd admitted that he had no intention of curing the heroes.


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