Donner & Blitzen
Species: Human
Hair: Donner: Black
Blitzen: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: The Joker
Voiced by: Donner: Kevin Conroy (uncredited)
Blitzen: Robert Costanzo (uncredited)

Donner and Blitzen were henchpeople employed by the Joker.


Joker sent the two on a job to blow up President's Bridge on Christmas Eve. They blew it up on live television, but Batman and Robin managed to save the incoming train. They hurried to the Laffco Toy Factory, the Joker's hideout, where they helped him with the final stages of the plan to kill James Gordon, Summer Gleeson and Harvey Bullock. When Batman and Robin appeared at the factory to rescue the hostages, Donner and Blitzen shoot them from above and later tried to annihilate Batman, who deceived him with his cape and later threw them a big teddy bear, knocking them down. They were presumably arrested after the Joker's plain was foiled by the Dynamic Duo.[1]

Behind the scenes

They were presumably named after two of the reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh.


Batman: The Animated Series


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