Dr. Anokye
Dr. Anokye
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Base: Ghana
Affiliations: Anansi
Voiced by: Roscoe Lee Browne

Dr. Anokye was a good friend and ally of Anansi.


Dr. Anoyke was a historian, tasked with preserving the Ashanti heritage and treasures.

Dr. Anoyke first met Virgil Hawkins and his family while they were vacationing in Ghana. During a train ride together, Dr. Anokye jokingly stated that he could be a distant relative of the Hawkins-family, with Virgil's dad commenting to his children on how 16% of all African slaves came from Ghana (so Robert and his kids very well could have Ghananian-ancestry).

He later came to Dakota to set up an exposition on the Ashanti gold there.

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