Dr. Blizzard
Species: Human
Hair: Icy blue
Eyes: Black
Base: Seaboard City
Affiliations: Injustice Guild
Rogue of: Justice Guild of America
Weaponry: Ice-emitting headgear
Voiced by: Corey Burton

Doctor Blizzard was a member of the Injustice Guild.


When new heroes arrived in Seaboard City, the Injustice Guild decided to rob the city dry. Doctor Blizzard decided to steal a new fountain that was being revealed by the mayor, but Flash and Black Siren showed up to stop him. After exchanging several icy puns with Flash, he encased both heroes in a large block of ice. He took them back with him to the Injustice Guild headquarters as a trophy.

With the rest of the Guild, Blizzard was arrested after Cat Man single-handedly took down their blimp.

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