Species: Human
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: The Boss
Weaponry: Power drill
Voiced by: Ron Perlman

The Driller was a professional safe cracker working for the Boss.


Driller was part of Scarface's team that robbed a safe at Gotham Imports. After successfully opening the safe, the group was disturbed by a sound. Driller found the source— a reckless Detective Bullock. During the ensuing battle, a fire broke out, and Driller and Scarface managed to escape Bullock. On their way out, they stumbled across Montoya. Driller managed to take out her gun by throwing the cash at her. He then closed in on her with his power drill, but Batman showed up and took him on. Unfortunately, Batman was hit by falling debris. Driller and Scarface took him to their hideout at the Hathcock Shipping Company.

There, they waited for their boss to show up. However, they found they could not contain Batman. He escaped his shackles and quickly dispatched Driller and Scarface. Driller, physically the stronger of the two, ended up in the water. He got out, eventually, and tried to make a run for Batman in a forklift. It failed; Driller was thrown off. He was taken into custody.


Batman: The Animated Series

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