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Dulé Jones
Dulé Jones
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Voiced by: Marshall Jones

Dulé Jones was a football talent from Dakota.


Dulé and Troy were both caught in the Big Bang, and had similar mutations, metal arms growing from their backs. However, while Dulé was able to hide his mutation, Troy had been much more severely affected and he could not hide his arms.

Another part of Dulé's mutation seemed to be increased physical ability on the football field. This and the negative view of the Bang Babies, led Dulé to hide the results of his exposure to the gas. As he was about to become a college football star, Troy exposed him as a Bang Baby.

Dulé, along with help from Static, Gear and the other football players, managed to defeat Troy. Although he couldn't professional sports anymore, Dulé was happy to have come clean about being a Bang Baby, and Sharon (who was his counselor when he was in high school), was proud of him as well.


Static Shock

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