Duncan and Henry
Duncan and Henry
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Vanmoor Institute (formerly)
Voiced by: Marcus Toji

Duncan and Henry were twin brothers.


Duncan and Henry were students at the Vanmoor Institute, taking classes from Specs and Trapper with Daisy Watkins and Virgil Hawkins.

The two brothers worked on several projects together, trying to best each other. When first introduced to Virgil they were less than appreciative of his sense of humor, but they soon warmed up to him quickly. They were both assigned to Specs and Trapper's latest design: an electronic eye that could trace electromagnetic residue, though Virgil and Daisy did most of the work.

Later, as Static was chased by a robot outfitted with the electronic eye, Duncan and Henry assisted Daisy in taking down Specs and Trapper's control center.


Static Shock

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