Real name: Dwayne McCall
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Mrs. Price (mother)
Aron Price (stepbrother)
Base: Dakota
Abilities: Material Conversion
Voiced by: Blayn Barbosa

Dwayne McCall was a Bang Baby.


Dwayne looked up to his stepbrother, Aron, who just got out of juvenile hall and moved back in with Dwayne and his mother. When he was caught in the Big Bang, he received the power to alter reality. Virgil knew Aron hadn't changed his thieving ways, and wished Dwayne didn't admire him so much.

When a water fountain gave cherry soda, and a video game character came to life, Aron and Virgil both figured out that Dwayne was a Bang Baby. Aron tried to trick Dwayne into stealing things for him. After fighting off Dwayne's bad guys as Static, Virgil tricked Aron into saying how he really felt about his little stepbrother, and Dwayne stopped using his powers for Aron's pleasure. He told Virgil he didn't know what he wanted to do with his powers, and needs to reconsider his deeds. Virgil replied by giving him all the time he needs.

Powers and abilities

Dwayne could manipulate matter on a small scale, allowing him to change things into anything else he can clearly imagine. He could only create things of which he knew how it looked, smelled or felt; for example, when Aaron talked Dwayne into literally making him money, Dwayne could only make play money simply because he did not know what a real $100 bill looked like. Dwayne liked to conjure characters from his favorite comic books, computer games, and TV shows and commercials, bringing them to life with his powers.


Static Shock

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