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Lobo: Webseries episode
Eat This
"Eat This!"
Production Number: 13
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"Eat This!" is the thirteenth episode of Lobo: Webseries.


Lobo's tracking device keeps pointing out that Mudboy is at the Snake's location. He gets his hand, tracker and all, bitten off. Lobo allows for his hand to regrow, but a swing of the serpent's tale now leaves his legs off. The serpent confesses to eating Mudboy.

Interactive Segment

  • The menu of a local food court is offered for closer investigation, showing the origin of all of its snacks.

Background information

Production notes

  • The minigame in this webisode involved Lobo killing several of the MBA in a bar.


Previously produced episode:
"Arms & The Main Man"
Episodes of
''Lobo: Webseries''
Next produced episode:
"Repeating Offender"
Previously aired episode:
"Arms & The Main Man"
Next aired episode:
"Repeating Offender"

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