Real name: Ivan Evans
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Adam Evans (brother)
unnamed father (deceased)
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Meta-Breed
Rogue of: Static
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Portal Generation
  • Shape-shifting
Voiced by: Gary Sturgis

Ebon, real name Ivan Evans, was a juvenile delinquent and gang banger from Dakota. He was affected by the Quantum Vapor, gaining a silhouette appearance and shadow-based powers.

Ebon was arguably Static's arch-enemy in his years as a young superhero. Desiring control, Ebon continually tried to recruit bang babies to join his Metahuman gang, the Meta-Breed.


Ivan Evans spent time in juvenile hall in his teens, and after getting out, he went straight back to his old life. He was a nobody, desperately trying to become big in crime. This led to arguments with his younger brother, Adam, and their father.[1]

As any gang banger in Dakota, Ivan was at the docks at the night of the Big Bang. The gas changed him into a living shadow, and he named himself Ebon to reflect his inner darkness. Now that he had power, he started to build a gang around himself, the Meta-Breed. He "collected" those Bang Babies that were horribly misshapen and deformed by the gas that they could not return to their old lives. His first clash with Static occurred when he tried to recruit track star Derek Barnett into the breed. He tried to get Static to join as well, but was rebuffed, and after Static persuaded Derek (now D-Struct) that being a criminal would only destroy what little chance of a future he had, suffered his first defeat at Static's hands.[2]


Depowered Ebon.

Ebon was a bitter opponent of both Static and his brother, who had also been exposed to the gas and was now Rubberband Man. He first tried to frame Rubberband Man, giving him no option but to turn to crime, but was thwarted when Static exposed the scheme. He was also a staunch enemy of all attempts to revert the effects of the Big Bang, and tried to recreate the explosion twice.[1] At first, he used Timezone to travel back to the Dakota riots, a gang bang even larger than the Docks fight, and stole a tanker full of the mutagen.[3]

With the cure sprayed into the atmosphere, Ebon lost his powers. Desperate not to be nothing again like he was before the Big Bang and enraged in the abandonment of his oldest ally, Talon, he teamed up with Hotstreak and several other Bang Babies to recreate the Big Bang once more. But it backfired; Hotstreak stole the gas for himself. Ebon pursued him and the two fought, setting off the gas. Ebon and Hotstreak absorbed too much gas, fusing together into an abominable two-headed monster, which possessed both of their powers. They were defeated by Static and Gear, and were later lost at the bottom of the docks. Their ultimate fate is unknown.[4]

Powers and abilities

Ebon's powers were based on darkness. He was a mass of living shadow, with the ability to manipulate shadows. He could glide along walls, slip under doors and through cracks. He could travel from one shadow to another, as well as absorb other people or objects, carrying them with him. Ebon could shape-shift his physical body, capable of shaping himself anyway he wants, much like his brother, Rubber-Band Man. Ebon also had the ability to teleport, open portals, and even warp to anywhere of his choice. Ebon's primary weakness was intense, bright light.


Static Shock


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