Species: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Red Claw
Voiced by: Richard Doyle

Ernie was the partner of Bert.


Red Claw sent Bert and Ernie to kidnap Alfred Pennyworth after he arrived in London. They approached him on the street, but Alfred wouldn't budge. With his umbrella, he tripped Ernie, who took Bert down with him. Alfred got away and fled to the Yorkshire Arms, and Bert and Ernie trailed him. They managed to overpower him just as he was speaking on the phone to someone.

While Alfred was brought to Red Claw in Castle Blairquhan, Bert and Ernie remained on stakeout at the Yorkshire Arms, to see if anyone investigated the disappearance. Bert noticed two men searching the apartment, and when they came out, the two thugs chased them. In a dark alley, the two men revealed themselves as Batman and Robin. Bert and Ernie got away and hijacked a double-decker bus, but after a short struggle, it crashed and left both of them unconscious.


Batman: The Animated Series

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