Eugene Dolan
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Adrian Dolan (wife),
Becca Dolan (daughter)
Voiced by: Steven Weber

Eugene Dolan was Zeta's first and last target.


Dolan was an low level accountant. Titus Sweete used him to funnel resources towards Brother's Day. This had gotten him the attention of the NSA, who sent an infiltration unit to gather intelligence. The synthoid quietly took Dolan's spot when he went on a business trip.

When he got back a few days early, Dolan found his duplicate in his office. The synthoid revealed himself and threatened to kill him, but Dolan successfully pleaded for his life, by saying he had a family. During his infiltration, Zeta had met the family. He spared Dolan's life.

Appearances and references

Batman Beyond

  • "Zeta" (Mentioned Only)

The Zeta Project

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