Species: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Night-Breed
Abilities: Phasing
Voiced by: Freddy Rodriguez

Fade was a member of the Night-Breed.


The night after the Big Bang, Fade found out he was oversensitive to light. He fled into the Subway system and joined the Night-Breed. They found it extremely difficult to make contact with the "above-grounders", and had to steal to survive. His phasing proved handy: he would phase in and open doors for the rest. When Ebon took over the Night-Breed, Fade became loyal to him. He longed for his real, old home, and liked Ebon's idea to use Nightingale's dark matter creation power to make all of Dakota dark.

After Nightingale and Brickhouse helped Static bring down Ebon, Fade realized that even Ebon's plan would not have gotten him what he desired, which was acceptance. With a dark Dakota, everyone would just leave and they'd be alone in the darkness again. Instead, Fade opted to go back to the darkness of the underground, with the rest of the Night-Breed.

Background information

After the Big Bang, Carlos Quinones, Jr. became Fade. He joined the Blood Syndicate with his sister, Sara, who became Flashback. Unlike his Static Shock namesake, Carlos became an intangible ghost and could not take human form.


Static Shock

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