Species: Metahuman
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Ruffpack (formerly)
Rogue of: Static
Abilities: Enhanced sense of smell
Voiced by: Chick Vennera

Ferret was a former member of the Ruffpack and later the Meta-Breed.


After the Big Bang, Ferret's nose grew and he gained an acute sense of smell. He joined the Ruffpack, but was beaten by Static. Hyde, the Ruffpack's leader, got tired of being captured by Static, and used Ferret to trace Static's residue — ionized oxygen. They followed the scent to a penthouse party, but after a short fight, Ferret was arrested by the police. Kangor busted him out and they continued on their quest for Static, but the team was ultimately defeated.

Ferret left the Ruffpack, and went on to fend for himself. Ravaging a park market, he was chased by Static and would have been caught if it wasn't for the Joker. Ferret kindly rejected the invitation to join the Joker's new Bang Baby gang. Joker gassed him for that. He was left as bait for Batman, who indeed showed up and gave Ferret a cure.


Depowered Ferret.

Some time later, Ferret teamed up with Kangor again. With the rest of the Meta-Breed, they were robbing a store when Ferret's powers gave out. He was restored to his normal, pre-Big Bang state as a result of Dr. Todd's chemicals that had been sprayed in the air.

Powers and abilities

Ferret gained an unparalleled sense of smell, and sharp claws which facilitated climbing.


Static Shock

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