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Hello, I am a new user but a longtime DCAU fan. I have a personal geeky investigation I wonder if anyone can contribute to. I am trying to figure out all the 7 founding memebers of the league's user acess code for watchtower access, computer use, ect. Here is what I have so far:

Superman: User Code 02 (maybe later converted to 002, based on the below information), Source: JL: Hereafter (part 2). Wonder Woman: User Code 003, Source: JLU: The Balance. Martian Manhunter: User Code 004, Source: JLU: Panic in the Sky. Flash: User Code 006, Source: JLU: The Great Brain Robbery.

Batman: Code Unknown. Green Lantern: Code Unknown. Hawkgirl: Code Unknown.

Logically, I would expect Batman to be code 001 (since he funded the league and would complete DC's "Big Three"), but I have no proof. I have been attempting to carfeully view all JL and JLU episodes again to find more info, but maybe someone else has seen somthing I am missing?


Good question. Though, I'm afraid that I know as much as you on this subject. There's no canonical source that identifies the remaining codes. I think they are supposed to be some sort of in-joke referencing to their rank of importance/power within the DC universe. If I had to guess, and seeing the already canonical codes, I would say:

Of course, this is pure conjecture. ― Thailog 17:45, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

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