Frankie D'Amico
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Voiced by: Rel Hunt

Frankie D'Amico was the best friend of Royce Axelrod.


Frankie was not as keen on petty crimes as his friend. When Royce stole a briefcase with vials of Bang Baby gas, Royce disregarded his advice not to use it. Frankie wished he could be stronger against his friend, but remained pretty much a walkover. When Royce's initial reaction to the gas had him grow taller in size, he more-or-less blew Frankie off as a "loser" in favor of his new status. When Royce mutated into a misshapen humanoid in the middle of class, Frankie was confronted by Virgil Hawkins, who then knew that Frankie knew where the stolen briefcase with the vials of Big Bang gas were hidden. Frankie's final fate remains unknown.

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