Dr. Wilhelm
Real name: Frederick Wilhelm
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Cryobin
Voiced by: Michael T. Weiss

Dr. Frederick Wilhelm was a scientist at Cryobin.


Dr. Wilhelm was an expert on cryonics, doing research on the preservation of living tissue in extremely low temperatures. Interested in the concepts of the procedure, and Wilhelm's solutions to tissue damage, Eli Selig arranged a meeting.

When Dr. Wilhelm arrived at Cryobin, Andrea Donoso informed him that there already was a Dr. Wilhelm inside. Upon confrontation, the impostor fled. Guards chased him to the cryocell rooms, and did not heed Dr. Wilhelm's warning not to shoot. It was too late; the guards accidentally activated the tube Selig was in. Wilhelm had to flee the room as the building went into a general lockdown. Selig remained behind, frozen in the tube.

Outside, he argued with Donoso, who was eager to get back in. But because the system behind the lockdown was programmed to give the all-clear itself, and was damaged, it could take a while. With some guards, he made his way to his office, where an override was installed. When he finally reached the lab, he found the intruders had disappeared, and Selig was outside the tube, unfrozen.


The Zeta Project

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