General Brak
General Brak
Real name: Brak
Species: Atlantean
Eyes: Black
Base: Atlantis
Affiliations: Atlantis
Aquaman (formerly)
Voiced by: Xander Berkeley

General Brak was a hawkish military adviser to Aquaman, the King of Atlantis.


Believing that the surface world's encroachments onto Atlantis's territory were intolerable, General Brak was quick to assure his king that Atlantis's army was ready and able to wipe out the surface world. But Aquaman hesitated, and Brak was more than receptive to his traitorous brother Orm's plotting.

When Aquaman returned, unexpectedly, to Atlantis, after Orm's first attempt to have him killed had failed, Orm assumed the throne and General Brak's soldiers took the King prisoner.

General Brak likewise commanded the detail that stood guard over the Doomsday Thermal Reactor at the North Pole while Orm armed and activated the device. However, his troops were unable to prevent Aquaman and the Justice League from breaking through to the reactor and shutting it down. Orm fell to his death in a fight with his brother.

Afterwards, Brak and his rebellious soldiers were held at bay by soldiers loyal to the King. Brak pleaded that they had never been disloyal to Aquaman, and that Orm had forced their actions. A disbelieving Aquaman ordered them imprisoned.


Justice League

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