Real name: Gnaww Vermin
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Relatives: Sqweek (brother)
Voiced by: Don Harvey

Gnaww Vermin was a bounty hunter.


Gnaww wanted to beat Lobo to collecting the bounty on Sqweek. He argued that if anyone profited off his brother, it had to be family. Gnaww confronted the Czarnian at the Steaming Load Tavern, but could not retrieve his younger brother.

After reporting back to Emperor Spooj, Gnaww was given an extra assignment: capturing Lobo. He traced him to the Preserver's ship, who let him aboard. Gnaww and his gang tracked down Lobo, but Superman held off the gang. Overconfident that the Man of Steel was powerless, he trapped him in an unknown habitat. He paid dearly when it turned out to be a habitat of Earth—with a yellow sun.

Lobo brought Gnaww and his brother back to Spooj. Gnaww was given the task of cleaning Spooj's bath.


Superman: The Animated Series

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