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The GothCorp logo.

GothCorp Inc. was a company located in Gotham City.


It billed itself being known as "The People Company", a title which was especially espoused by its CEO, Ferris Boyle, belying his true corrupt nature.

One of GothCorp's employees, Victor Fries, pursued a project to develop cryogenic freezing technology. This was not only done for the company's sake: Fries hoped to preserve (and eventually cure) his terminally ill wife, Nora. Just as he was making progress, however, even having successfully put his wife in suspended animation, Boyle decided that the project was taking too much of the company's resources, and attempted to pull the plug. Determined to save his wife, Victor tried to stop him; in the ensuing struggle, the lab was destroyed. Victor was bathed in some of its chemicals, presumed dead.

Victor later resurfaced as Mister Freeze, determined to have his revenge on Boyle. He launched a series of raids on GothCorp facilities, stealing several pieces of hardware that, put together, could be modified into what amounted to a gigantic freezing cannon. Batman was ultimately able to thwart his attempt, subdue Freeze, and save Boyle's life. However, his own investigation into the incident led him to the shocking facts of Boyle's betrayal, which he presented to the press. Boyle was presumably arrested and removed from his position in the company.[1]

One of the company's major shareholders was Grant Walker, who managed to save Nora before her untimely death.[2]

GothCorp carried on without Boyle. Bruce Wayne became a major shareholder.[3] Years later, a technician in the company specializing in sonic technology was murdered by The Joker. This was only the first step in an even more hideous plot, which was stopped by Batman before it could come to fruition.[4]


Batman: The Animated Series

Feature film

The New Batman Adventures


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