The Gotham Knights were a football team from Gotham City.


In one of the Scarecrow's plans to gain money, he bet on games he rigged by striking fear into the star players. He attempted to poison the Knights' quarterback, Mitch Nole, for a game against the Colonials, but he was brought to a halt by Batman and Robin.

After the game, the Knights also signed the talented Brian Rogers of Gotham University.[1]

The Gotham Knights were going to appear at a stadium in Gotham, but it was crashed by the Secret Society.[2]

Background information


  • The term "Gotham Knights" has also been used to refer to the Bat-family of crime fighters.
  • In the spin-off comic series Batman Adventures, the Gotham Knights were also a basketball team, and in Superman Adventures, a baseball team playing against the Meteors for the World Series.

Appearances and references

Batman: The Animated Series

Justice League


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