Gotham Times

Sherman Grant's newspaper clippings of the Gotham Times.

The Gotham Times newspaper was a leading newspaper agency in Gotham City.[1]



Pint Sized Pinkertons Pluck Penguin.
Gotham Zoo Acquires Rare Vulture 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "I've Got Batman in My Basement")
University Museum Benefit
Ground Breaks on Dent's Dream 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Pretty Poison")
GothCorp Scientist Killed in Freak Accident 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Heart of Ice")
Batman Battles See-Thru Robber 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "See No Evil")
Batman and Gray Ghost Nab Mad Bomber 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Beware the Gray Ghost")
Bruce Wayne Sought For Questioning In Attempt on Executive's Life 
Lucius Fox of Wayne Enterprises Hospitalized (Batman: The Animated Series: "Feat of Clay")
Batman Smashes Bookie Ring 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Joker's Favor")
Detective Harvey Bullock Arrested! 
Suspected of abducting Joey "the Snail" Martin (Batman: The Animated Series: "Vendetta")
"Bizarre 'Joker-Fish' Terrify Waterfront" 
"Another Mad Plot?" (Batman: The Animated Series: "The Laughing Fish")
Batman Foils Robbery Attempt 
Amateur Photographer Bruce Timm takes rare photo of Batman in action. (Batman: The Animated Series: "Moon of the Wolf")
Penguin Conviction Overturned 
Judge Rules Technicality (Batman: The Animated Series "I Am the Night")
Batman Slain? 
Mysterious Crime Fighter Missing (Batman: The Animated Series: "The Man Who Killed Batman")
Rare Plants Stolen
New Queens of Crime 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Harley and Ivy")
Commissioner Gordon Arrested
Rally To Be Held For Gordon
Who Is Batgirl
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Shadow of the Bat")
Penguin Back Behind Bars 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Blind as a Bat")
Where Will New Gang Strike Next? 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Read My Lips")
Fiend To Serve Time 
Ruled Sane and Guilty of Crimes! Killer Croc Going to Levitz Prison "It's Society That's the Cri..." (Batman: The Animated Series: "Sideshow")
Mayor To Dedicate New Courthouse 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Time Out of Joint")
Batman Busts Jewel Smuggling Operation 
Rupert Thorne Linked to Racket
Croc Escapes Arkham 
Crime Spree Follows
Rupert Thorne 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Bane")
Baby Calls It Quits!!! 
(Batman: The Animated Series: "Baby-Doll")
Riddler Released 
Parole Board Grants Time Off for Good Behaviour (Batman: The Animated Series: "Riddler's Reform")
Famous Comedienne Kidnapped! 
Comedy Competition May Be Postponed (Batman: The Animated Series: "Make 'Em Laugh")
Priceless Statuette Stolen 
In University Robbery (Batman: The Animated Series: "Batgirl Returns")
Police Department Under Fire 
Government Crackdown (Batman: The Animated Series: "Double Talk")
Mobster "King" Barlowe Dies 
Leaves Fortune to Former Rival
Joker Seeks New Henchgirl 
(The New Batman Adventures: "Joker's Millions")
Corcoran Loses Primary 
Accused of Kickbacks Run for Office Derailed (The New Batman Adventures: "Judgment Day")


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