Hawkgirl (Brainiac construct)
Hawkgirl's construct
Affiliations: Luthor/Brainiac hybrid
Rogue of: Justice League
Abilities: Superhuman strength and flight
Weaponry: Nth metal mace
Voiced by: Maria Canals (uncredited)

"Do you think there is a single person on Thanagar or Earth who doesn't despise us?!"
— Android Replica Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl was an android replica of Hawkgirl of the Justice Lords created by Lex Luthor and Brainiac.


Cadmus Crisis

During the final hours of the Cadmus Crisis, the fused form of Luthor and Brainiac created an android replica of Justice Lord Hawkgirl. The android Hawkgirl attacked Shayera Hol and made the thoughts of the disdain she feared from populace come to the surface.[1][2][3] It was not until Green Lantern smashed and destroyed the android Hawkgirl, "venting" since their break-up.[4]


Justice League Unlimited


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