Helen Ventrix
Species: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Violet
Relatives: Lloyd Ventrix (ex-husband)
Kimmy Ventrix (daughter)
Voiced by: Jean Smart

Helen Ventrix was Lloyd Ventrix's ex-wife.


Helen and con man Lloyd went through a difficult marriage. She filed for divorce after he was arrested for armed robbery and sent to prison, and Lloyd was given a restraining order not to come within a hundred feet of Helen or their daughter, Kimmy. She worked hard to rebuild her life, wanting to settle somewhere outside Gotham, but after Lloyd made parole, he tracked her down, and secretly came close to Kimmy as her invisible friend "Mojo." As Lloyd, he once showed up at Helen's workplace, attempting to be civil by paying for her lunch and proposing that he could have a decent relationship with her and Kimberly, and saying he has been making clean money. Helen, however, rebuffed him and said that he probably was back to his life of crime, and that she wished he would disappear. Figuring that Helen would likely react in such a manner, Lloyd planned to take Kimmy away himself as Mojo.

Batman had gotten wind of Lloyd as well, and went to Helen for information. Upon learning that Lloyd could make himself invisible, fear struck her. She realized Mojo—who she had thought to be imaginary—was her ex-husband, and when she checked on Kimmy's room, she found it empty. However, Helen was reunited with Kimmy after she managed to escape her father.

After Lloyd was arrested, Helen and Kimmy moved out of Gotham and were given new identities by the courts. Even if Lloyd Ventrix managed to escape or get released from prison, he would never be able to find them ever again.


Batman: The Animated Series

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