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Granny goodness intergang

Intergang under Granny Goodness

Intergang was a criminal organization based in Metropolis led by Bruno Mannheim. It was subsequently leaded by Apokolips tyrant Darkseid and used for intergalactic crimes.


Initial years

Intergang was originally headed by Bruno Mannheim. One of its first criminal activities was to use toymaker Winslow Schott as puppet for a crime. Mannheim and his minions were not arrested, but Schott was imprisoned and subsequently he died. However, Schott's son Winslow Schott, Jr. decided to take revenge on Mannheim and Intergang for what they did to his father.

Appearance of Superman and alliance with Darkseid

After Superman appeared in Metropolis, Intergang began to have problems with him, because Superman always stopped them to prevent that it committed crimes. Shortly after Superman's appearance in the city, Winslow Schott, Jr. reappeared in Metropolis under the name of Toyman with the intentions to avenge his father's death. For his fault, Spider Spinelli was arrested and Johnny ended in hospital. He managed to capture Mannheim and used him as his puppet, but Superman managed to save both Mannheim and Lois Lane.[1]

A time later, New God Kanto decided to sell Mannheim and the Intergang members Apokolips weapons, because those they had did not affect Superman. However, Superman again defeated Intergang, but Mannheim and Kanto escaped via a Boom tube. Subsequently, Mannheim met Apokolips ruler Darkseid after follow Kanto by some corridors.[2] Some time later, Mannheim returned to Earth, but now under the service of Darkseid. Intergang subsequently stole with an Apokolips tank an armored truck full of stolen money retrieved by the SCU, but Darkseid destroyed the money. Mannheim and some parademons were sent by Darkseid to the Ayers Island Nuclear Power Plant to take out the cooling system of the plant's reactor, but the explosion killed Mannheim along the parademons.[3]

Under Granny Goodness' leadership

After Mannheim's death, Darkseid assigned New God Granny Goodness as the new leader of Intergang, who used Hob's Bay recreation center as the new hideout of the gang. They kidnapped Daily Planet reporters Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane but Supergirl appeared in scene and fought against Intergang and Granny Goodness. However, she used her Boom tube to summon three Female Furies.[4] However, at the end, both Supergirl and Superman defeated Goodness and the Furies, so Darkseid ordered the Furies to torture Goodness for her failure.[5]

It's assumed that Intergang resumed its criminal activities after its apparent defeat at the hands of Superman and Supergirl.

Known members


Known members



The New Superman Adventures

Justice League Unlimited


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