J. Allen Carter
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Presumably NASA, U.S. Senate
Voiced by: Gary Cole

J. Allen Carter was an Earth astronaut on a survey mission to Mars.


During the mission he inadvertently released the Imperium from their centuries-long imprisonment and was presumably killed in the process. An Imperium soldier assumed Carter's identity and was elected to the U.S. Senate after his return to Earth.

Carter's doppelganger promoted a program of global disarmament in preparation for the Imperium invasion. The doppelganger was killed when the Imperium was defeated on Earth.

Background information

  • J. Allen Carter is likely a reference to John Carter, the protagonist of many novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs which were set on a fantastical version of Mars, as is his fellow astronaut, Ed Reiss.


Justice League

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